New York State standards blended with a Catholic Education

Choosing an education at St. John Vianney, provides a truly exceptional experience for your child.  Throughout all grades, students receive curriculum aligned with New York State Standards, but also incorporates Catholic Education. Your child will not only be engaged in 21st century academics with state of the art technology, but they will learn to become leaders,  St. John Vianney promotes the values of a Christian, and models for success.

Rigorous curriculum with unique OPPORTUNITIES

St. John Vianney offers advanced courses in both Mathematics and Science, allowing your child to get ahead, before entering high school! In addition, students are exposed to the Spanish curriculum, beginning with first days of school, in  Pre-K! Our students certainly are prepared to tackle the next set of challenges their high schools will present.


Students at St. John Vianney have access to a wide variety of technology. St. John Vianney has become an innovator in Catholic Education, creating a 1:1 Chromebook setting from Grades 4 - 8. Your child will also gain access to a wealth of technology skills, with a Technology class that spans from Kindergarten - Grade 8.  


St. John Vianney has fully embraced STREAM. Teachers work together, to create cross-disciplinary lessons, allowing for your child to make real world connections. In additions, field trips and guest speakers provide real world experience about future fields. Teachers take advantages of half-days, and focus on design briefs, which allow for your student to express the creative engineering traits!

Sports & Clubs

St. John Vianney has a wide variety of clubs and sports, allowing your students to explore many unique opportunities. In addition, we provide STREAM Clubs, that give your students an introduction to engineering related jobs and activities. Students who wish to participate in sports, have a wide range of opportunities that are available in nearly any grade, with the opportunity to compete against other Catholic Institutions.