Learning Resource Center

Welcome to the Learning Resource Center! The Learning Resource Center serves as the central hub for students with diverse needs. It houses Academic Intervention Services (AIS), which provides remedial reading and math instruction to students who score low on NYS and iReady assessments, as well as for students who demonstrate a lack of proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics. The AIS curriculum is differentiated and individualized to best meet students’ diverse needs. The Learning Resource Center also reviews and develops Section 504 Plans and facilitates the implementation of Section 504 Plans and IEP’s for students with special needs. 

Special Education

In addition to AIS, the Learning Resource Center also works to ensure that all students’ needs are being met and serviced the best they can. Our school works in collaboration with Orchard Park Central Schools to assist teachers, students, and parents access special education services. A member of our faculty will attend CSE meetings for students with IEP’s and develops Section 504 Accommodation Plans for other students who do not meet the requirements for an IEP.