Teacher Resources

Teacher Ongoing Faith Formation

The following are the ongoing faith formation requirements for our school teachers. Please complete the Year 1 workshops throughout the school year.*

You are more than free to move ahead with the next section of workshops or to search additional topics in the CI database.

You will need to make your free account with the Catechetical Institute (franciscanathome.com). If you have not done so, please review these two videos to learn how it works:

CLICK HERE for a short video on how to make your free account.

CLICK HERE for a tour of the CI platform and how to use it.


(type them into the "workshops" bar on your Catechetical Institute dashboard.)

First Year

  • The Mission of Catholic Schools and the Role of Teachers

  • The Human Person in God's Loving Plan

  • The Human Person

Second Year

  • An Introduction to Objective Truth

  • The Kerygma: Key Doctrines

  • Sacred Scripture: The Big Picture

Third Year

  • Essential Link Between Liturgy and Catechesis

  • Teaching Catechesis for Conversion

  • Conversion in Modern Culture

*N.B. You are not required to have a mentor, but it would be beneficial to still type responses when applicable. For when the workshops prompt you, we recommend finding a "critical friend" so that you can discuss any points or questions the workshops propose. This can be a friend, coworker, spouse, or whoever you think a good conversation partner would be for those questions. Brady would be more than willing to fill that role upon request. You will know what I am referring to once you start working through the workshops.

The link above will take you to a page that will be updated with resources you might like to know about help you both personally in the faith and with the atmosphere of faith that we are striving to achieve for these children and their families. This page will be periodically updated with events and resources throughout the year.

Please take special notice of Formed. There is a short video to show you what kind of resources would be most beneficial to you, as well as a much longer video with an in-depth review of Formed and the various resources. I would suggest at least watching the short video so you can see some of those main Pre-K through 8th resources.